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(Online) Agile Toolkit - For Agile Teams and their Coaches

(Online) Agile Toolkit

As Agile Coach it’s a good practise to have a quick and simple reference on your hand to teach and coach your teams. In this post I added my most valuable links and references for Agile Teams and their Coaches. I see these links as part of my (online) Agile Toolkit.

5 Must watch videos for every Scrum Master

As Scrum Master, it’s expected from you to be a teacher, mentor, coach and change agent in an organization. Videos help to teach the teams and organization about Scrum, Agile and related subjects.

In this edition, I selected videos about personal behavior, motivation and creating a positive working environment. These subjects are important for creating high-performance teams. Other videos are product management and ownership. The last video is about #NoEstimates, an upcoming movement in the Agile world.

Test-Driven Development in an Agile world

These days businesses focus more and more on Continues Integration and Continues Deployment in the Agile / DevOps world. The urge of businesses to update their software more often results in more time pressure on testing the software. An answer to this problem is Test-Driven Development (TDD).
In this article I talk about what TDD is and what the method looks like.

Kite Surfing

Fly High Retrospective – To identify and resolve impediments

In this article I’m going to talk about the retrospective format “Fly High”. The retrospective helps the Development Team to think of impediments that block the team to deliver more value for the business.
The Fly High retrospective has three parts. Things that go well, team-level impediments and organisational-level impediments.

Scrum Guide Update, November 2017

This November the new version of the Scrum Guide was published. In this article I’d like to discuss the biggest changes and comments Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber made in their webcast on this Scrum Guide update. The topics are Uses of Scrum, the Mastery of the Scrum Master role, Daily Scrum changes and Scrum vs DevOps.

Zebra Spidr

A SPIDR for the Agile Scrum team

Everybody knows the problem that a User Story is just too big to handle for a Sprint. Just cutting the User Story in smaller pieces is not the way that most of the time works. SPIDR might come in handy.

Three Little Pigs

Three little pigs – Fun Retrospective Technique

This article is about the Scrum Retrospective Three Little Pigs and my personal experience with it. How to and the extra benefits of this retrospective. The goal I had with the retrospective, was to look back at the past sprint, but also to talk about what goes well (bricks); what goes well most of the time, but needs improvement to get impediments out of the way on structural basis (sticks); or what subject needs further improvement (straw).