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Kite Surfing

Fly High Retrospective – To identify and resolve impediments

In this article I’m going to talk about the retrospective format “Fly High”. The retrospective helps the Development Team to think of impediments that block the team to deliver more value for the business.
The Fly High retrospective has three parts. Things that go well, team-level impediments and organisational-level impediments.

Three Little Pigs

Three little pigs – Fun Retrospective Technique

This article is about the Scrum Retrospective Three Little Pigs and my personal experience with it. How to and the extra benefits of this retrospective. The goal I had with the retrospective, was to look back at the past sprint, but also to talk about what goes well (bricks); what goes well most of the time, but needs improvement to get impediments out of the way on structural basis (sticks); or what subject needs further improvement (straw).